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[Urban Dog] Natural Balm For Dog Paws 30ml

[Urban Dog] Natural Balm For Dog Paws 30ml

Urban Dog
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Softening and protective balm for paws. Shea butter, avocado oil and pure beeswax nourish the bearings, protecting them from abrasion caused by the road surface. Excellent as an insulator in winter and in summer. Vitamin E soothes the pain of minor wounds or cuts. Free of petrolatum, it is so natural and ecological that your dog will be able to lick it without any problem. Also useful for truffles and elbows.

100% Natural Paw Balm with :

a) Shea Butter – helps soothe, moisturize, prevent bacterial growth and helps cell renewal.

b) Avocado – nourishes and aids regeneration, giving elasticity and softness

c) Beeswax – rich in protective and water-repellent properties


Distribute a small amount of product on the pads and upper part of the paws and massage gently.
Apply the product just before going out. it is a cream rich in oils and waxes which could leave fingerprints if not completely absorbed. EXTERNAL USE.