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[PF ProFeed] Premium Sora Tank Mat
[PF ProFeed] Premium Sora Tank Mat

[PF ProFeed] Premium Sora Tank Mat

PF ProFeed
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Thick, spongy and goes back to its original form when folded or crushed.

An aquarium mat acts as a mattress for your fish tank, giving your aquarium a comfortable spot to rest, away from harm.

While it might not look like much, this extra piece of padding is an essential piece of equipment for many fish keepers.

The weight of your tank will be focused on any high points on the surface, placing the bottom panel of glass under focused stress.

You won’t even notice your aquarium straining against the uneven surface.

Over time, as pressure is continually applied to these points, your glass will finally give way….

The spongy material of your mat absorbs the high points so that they do not appy pressure to the bottom of your aquarium.

Heavier tanks need denser and thicker mats as they will compress the mat more than a smaller tank.