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[OF Ocean Free] Tropical Fish Probiotic 2 - Professional Nitrifying Bacteria

[OF Ocean Free] Tropical Fish Probiotic 2 - Professional Nitrifying Bacteria

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Highly Effective Aquarium Probiotic Bacteria.

Is a group of water quality probiotic strains (more than 8 strain types) specially developed by OF targeted for water quality conditioning. It is different from ordinary photosynthetic nitrifying bacteria or probiotics. Qian Hu Probiotic 2 is a specially selected high-quality dominant and elite group of beneficial bacteria strains, ensuring that each probiotic is highly active, with the ability to work and reproduce in stressful environments. Qian Hu Probiotic 2 contains three habitual bacteria group: aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria, which can individually perform their unique functions in different aquatic environments, and are far more superior than ordinary nitrifying and photosynthetic bacteria. The highly concentrated agent ensure sufficient number of probiotics is available to work and improve water quality.

Main Functions:

• Qian Hu Probiotic 2 uses the powerful water quality probiotic strains to achieve effective nitrification, which converts toxic Ammonia to nitrite and then to non-toxic nitrates, which will then be denitrified into water and nitrogen gas which disappears into the air. Ordinary nitrifying bacteria cannot easily achieve this.

• Effectively reduce B.O.D and C.O.D and hydrogen sulfide in water, therefore the bad. smell in water will be effectively reduced. Having excellent nitrification function, it can effectively decompose organic sediments in water, reduce the accumulation of sludge, and indirectly reduce the number of filtration cleaning times.

• Using a group of powerful probiotic strains to break down fish excrement and slow down the effect of water acidification.

• Quickly establish a balanced aquatic biological system for new pond / tank so as to prevent “New Tank Syndrome”.

• Help to solve “Green Water” problem, because the powerful group of probiotic strains will take away the nutrient source of algae (NH, NH NO, NO), indirectly inhibiting the growth of moss. Environmental friendly, natural and without the use of any chemicals.

• The water quality probiotic strains will become the dominant group in the water because it can quickly multiply in a short time, effectively suppress harmful bacteria, greatly reduce the possibility of fish disease outbreak, and provide a safer environment for fish.

• The water quality probiotic strains constantly purifies the water, therefore it will indirectly Increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

• The water quality probiotic strains effectively activate the sand bed of the fish pond/tank to ensure that there are no dead zones in the fish pond/tank.

Directions: Please shake well before use. (Note: 1000ml water = 1L water) Avoid storage in direct sunlight. Store in a cool and ventilated environment.

Important: This agent cannot be used with any antibiotics, sterilization and disinfecting potions or chemicals.