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[NT Labs] Aquarium Anti-Internal Bacteria 100ml
[NT Labs] Aquarium Anti-Internal Bacteria 100ml

[NT Labs] Aquarium Anti-Internal Bacteria 100ml

NT Labs
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Anti-Internal Bacteria

    When to use?

    Certain species of bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Aeromonas and Vibrio bacteria can infect fish internally, causing an array of symptoms.

    Use when fish become lethargic, have clamped fins, stop eating and have red blotches on fins or under body.

    How to use?

    • Calculate the volume of your aquarium in litres (length x width x depth (in cm)/1000). Alternatively, use our Dosage Calculator to help you.
    • Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
    • Mix required dose of treatment with 1 litre of aquarium water.
    • 10ml - 50L of aquarium water
    • Add slowly to aquarium.
    • This treatment can be repeated every other day up to four applications if necessary.
    • If the aquarium water has a KH of 12 dKH or more and a pH of 7.5 or more, the dose can be doubled.

    What user say on NT LABS products.
    “Comprehensive and easy to use, I often like to have a couple of bottles of Anti-Internal Bacteria treatment or Disease Solve to hand. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who rates these products!”

    Nathan Hill, the Associate Editor of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine


    Q: I have to remove chlorine & chloramine from my tap water so why am I now adding it in with these products?
     A: Although they share very similar names, chloramine and chloramine T are in fact very different compounds and have quite different properties.