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[ISTA] Undergravel Filter
[ISTA] Undergravel Filter
[ISTA] Undergravel Filter

[ISTA] Undergravel Filter

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Perfect Filter for Baby Shrimps, Small Fishes and Shrimps.

ISTA Undergravel Filter is a favourite by shrimp hobbyists. To use, place the plate at the bottom of the tank and connect pipe to the plate. Cut off any excess of the plate to fit to your tank size. Start by laying media and lava rocks on top before filling with water and connecting airstone to an airpump. Height of tube is adjustable, and suits 30cm height tank best.


  • Circulate the water under gravel layer in order to reduce the corruption of gravel.
  • The gravel bed provides tremendous surface area for Nitrobacteria and keeps your water crystal clear.
  • The filter plate can be connected with air pump, filter pump, submersible power head and hang-on filter to increase the circulation and help with mechanical and chemical filtration.
  • Adjustable lift tube can be modified at your desire height. Silence design tube head can reduce noise.
  • Air stones will not stuck or collapse.


Fully cover the bottom with the filter plate and cut off the spare part. Every plate can be connected with a tube, which can increase the water flow. Connect the tube with the filter plate and place gravel bed on top of it. Air stones can also be installed in the tube. Finally, add water into the tank.