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[Furkidz] Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs 500ml

[Furkidz] Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs 500ml

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Recommended for getting rid of unwanted smells. Formulated for and approved in Australia.

Do you always come home to a smelly pooch that loves to roll around in mess? Well, say goodbye to unwanted smells with this incredible deodorising shampoo! This amazing formula effectively neutralises the source of odours and helps prevent reoccurrence. Due to popular request, we have also added in the option to include a pump head, or not for those who do not need the pump or reuse their old pump.

  • Unique botanical inclusions effectively reduce nasty odours and replaces it with an enduring, beautiful fresh scent
  • Vitamins and amino acids promote new hair growth with greater strength
  • Gentle, natural perfumes are included for optimal results
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are used
  • Super concentrated formula provides fantastic results
  • A great all-round shampoo for all smelly dogs


C14 – 16 alkenyl sulfonic acid sodium salt, water, sandalwood extract, eucalyptus extract, tea tree oil, enzyme, protease, coconut oil amide propyl betaine, sodium lactate, lemon oil, Siberian fir oil and glycol stearic acid ester, alkyl glucoside, glycerol oleate, glyceryl stearate, sodium chloride, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, propylene glycol

Directions for Use

  • Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet fur
  • Massage thoroughly for 5 minutes then rinse with clean water
  • Ensure all shampoo has been removed before drying