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[Dennerle] Bio CO2 Starter Set for Planted Aquarium

[Dennerle] Bio CO2 Starter Set for Planted Aquarium

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The Simple and Safe Method of CO2 Fertilization.

  • CO2 production and supply are carried out fully automatically and in the right quantities.
  • Nothing needs to be set or measured. The ultimate in simplicity and convenience.
  • This makes DENNERLE Bio-CO2 ideal for all those who are as yet unacquainted with CO2 fertilization and for those who may wish to try the method out.
  • After only a few weeks of CO2 fertilization, the results become evident: Plant growth improves substantially, the plants are greener, stronger and display greater vitality. The whole aquarium is brought to life.


  • Uniform CO2 production with CO2 control gel.
  • DENNERLE Bio-CO2 exploits the well-known fact that yeast cells are able to produce CO2 from sugar in the absence of oxygen.
  • A problematic aspect is the fact that a fermentation process with pure sugar normally begins at a very fast pace, only to drop away substantially after just a few days. As a result, the aquarium receives too much CO2 at the beginning, and too little shortly after.
  • In contrast, DENNERLE Bio CO2 with CO2 control gel produces a virtually constant level of CO2 continuously for over 30 days, that is, for more than a month! Each CO2 bottle produces well over 300,000 CO2 bubbles. This assures your aquarium of an ideal supply of CO2 every day.

Complete set for beginners, comprising:

  • CO2 bottle with CO2 Control Gel and starter capsule
  • Mini-Topper
  • Bottle support
  • CO2 hose

CO2 Control Gel Refills available (sold separately).

CO2 Supply Bottles Refills also available so that you'll never run out!