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[Aqua Zonic] Black Knight Aquarium Top Filter (1/2/3/4)

[Aqua Zonic] Black Knight Aquarium Top Filter (1/2/3/4)

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Aquarium Top Filter for Clean and Clear Water.

  • Helps increase dissolved oxygen
  • Fits Mechanical, Biological & Chemical filter media in order to obtain the ultimate results.
  • Flexibility of selecting own filter medium to suit individual needs (the filter does not include filter media).
  • Strong output to ensure full recycling of aquarium water through the filter.
  • Special design, easy to use, install & maintain.
  • Extendable, flexible use for odd size aquarium tanks.



Recommended Tank Size



Tray Volume
Black Knight 1 32cm - 49cm (also suitable for 30cm) 8W 800L/H 1.9L
Black Knight 2 41.5cm - 62cm 12W 1000L/H 2.3L
Black Knight 3 36cm - 62cm 15W 1100L/H 3.6L
Black Knight 4 44.5cm - 72cm 18W 1800L/H 4.9L