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[Azoo Ultra Fresh] Ultra Colour Goldfish Pellet (Slow Sinking Type)

[Azoo Ultra Fresh] Ultra Colour Goldfish Pellet (Slow Sinking Type)

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Specially designed to bring out the most vibrant colors and maximize the healthy development of competition-grade gold fish, such as ranchu and tosakin

    Meat/vegetable ratio at 6:4

    • 100% All-natural protein from fresh meat, vegetables and seaweed
    • 35% Wild sword prawns + Akiami paste shrimps
    • 22% Natural spirulina + seaweeds
    • 0% Additives, artificial colors or byproducts

    Ultimate vibrant natural coloration helps showcase their perfectly saturated colors: solid white, black and red

    This formula packs in natural color-enhancing ingredients—Australian spirulina, natural seaweed and premium sword prawns—to allow your fish to express their ultimate natural colors, presenting them in their best and vividly distinct colors with no mottled hues.

    100% fresh meat and vegetables + natural seaweed = perfect development of fancy goldfish

    Formulated with high content of wild sword prawns and wild Akiami paste shrimps (up to 35%), fresh squid, natural spirulina, fresh-pick sweet potato leaves, mulberry leaves, fresh garlic, plus a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients, this formulation boasts proteins coming from 100% real meat, vegetables and seaweed, making it also rich in plant fiber. Not only does it deliver excellent palatability, it's high in nutritional values best for the perfect development of top-end fancy goldfish.

    Fast intake keeps the water clean

    10 hours of low-temperature processing and enhanced with intestinal probiotics, this formulation preserves the natural flavors and rich nutritional values of the fresh ingredients. It's designed to be rapidly softened once in water, but doesn't disintegrate and cloud the water. Easy intake for fish helps with easy digestion and complete absorption of nutrients, thereby reducing excretion of waste.

    Ganoderma polysaccharides, garlic and Vitamin B group added to boost immunity

    Premium-quality immune-boost formula: rich in valuable nutrients such as Ganoderma polysaccharides, garlic, Australian spirulina, vitamin A, D3, C, E, B1, B2, B6, & B12), β-carotene, natural minerals, and trace elements to fortify your fish's immune system, boost metabolism, increase energy and reduce diseases.


    Feed 2-4 times per day; each time in amounts no more than can be consumed in 3 minutes.

    Slow Sinking Type

    Size : 1.6x2mm