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[OF Ocean Free] Aqua Gro Aquarium Soil (Plants and Shrimp)
[OF Ocean Free] Aqua Gro Aquarium Soil (Plants and Shrimp)

[OF Ocean Free] Aqua Gro Aquarium Soil (Plants and Shrimp)

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Developed for Aquatic Plants and Shrimps

Aqua Gro Soil is a substrate specially developed for aquatic plants and shrimps that need specific nutrients for growth. It is all natural and highly recommended for enthusiasts who want to grow their aquatic plants and shrimps well. Aqua Gro is produced using a special formulation which assists in lowering the pH and kH in a short period of time and maintaining it. As a result, it creates a natural water environment suitable for the aquatic plants and shrimps. 

In addition, the natural conditions created by Aqua Gro Soil makes it suitable for most tropical fishes too.
Available in 3L and 8L bags.


  • Pour Aqua Gro Soil into the aquarium tank before topping up with water. Prewash of the soil is not necessary.
  • Gradually fill up your tank with water taking care not to disturb the substrate.
  • Aqua Gro Soil may contain fragments of plants and/or woods. It does not affect the water quality. You may skim the floating fragments away using a net.
  • During initial setup, you may see the water turn cloudy. The water might turn clear within 24 hours depending on your filter efficiency.
  • An undergravel filter is NOT recommended for growing plants with Aqua Gro Soil.


  • Aqua Gro Soil can lower pH and kH on its own. Do not use together with other aquarium gravels.
  • Store in cool and dry place.
  • Do not use for plants or shrimps that prefer alkaline water perimeter.
  • Keep out of reach of children.