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[API] Tropical Pellets Fish Food

[API] Tropical Pellets Fish Food

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Designed for Big Tropical Community Fish (4mm Sinking Pellets)

API® Tropical Pellets contains high-quality proteins – including squid and shrimp – for optimal growth, and perfects palatability with garlic.

Tropical Pellets are designed specifically for bigger tropical community fish (>5cm) such as Angelfish, Mollies, Gouramis, Barbs, etc. It contains a unique, nutritionally-enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients for maximum absorption. Fish more readily use the nutrients in our high-quality formula, and as a result, release up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor for cleaner, clearer water.

API Tropical Pellets may be used as an equally nutritious, alternative tropical food to API Tropical Flakes, depending on your fish’s preference. As an example, larger fish may prefer pellets to flakes because of their density, compared with smaller fish that may more easily consume the light texture of flakes.

For the clear choice in fish nutrition, feed API.

Small Bottle (4mm - 1.6 oz. / 45g)
Medium Bottle (4mm - 4.2 oz. / 119g)

Directions for Use:
Feed twice a day. Feed the amount of food your fish will consumer within three minutes.