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[Houyi] Aquarium Scape Expanding Foam

[Houyi] Aquarium Scape Expanding Foam

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Create your Own 3D Background for Aquariums, Vivariums and Terrariums.

Features and Benefits:

Houyi Expanding Foam is a high tech material specially developed for ecological landscaping. This material will be expanded and cured in the presence of moisture in the air. It is equipped with a plastic adapter, which makes scape easy and more convenient, greatly improving the user's control.

  • Quick to harden and easy to use; just shake well and spray!
  • Safe for aquariums, vivariums and terrariums livestock and plants!
  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as uPVC, masonry, brick, block work, glass, steel, alluminium, timber and other substrates (except PP, PE and Teflon).
  • Contains CPC-free propellants which are harmless to the ozone layer.