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[API] Pimafix - Antifungal Treatment

[API] Pimafix - Antifungal Treatment

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Natural Anti-fungus Treatment.

API® Pimafix is an all-natural, antifungal remedy for fish fungal infections, with a formula derived from the West Indian Bay Tree – a proven natural antifungal. API Pimafix rapidly treats cottony growth, mouth, body fungus, and the reddening of the fins and body, in addition to both internal and external bacterial infections.

API Pimafix will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter pH, or discolor water, and has been formulated to use in conjunction with Melafix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.


What does PIMAFIX do?
PIMAFIX is a treatment for external fungal infections in fish. It will also treat bacterial infections, but MELAFIX is usually the first choice for bacterial infections.

Is PIMAFIX safe with invertebrates such as snails and shrimps? Will it harm the biological filter? Will it harm plants?
Yes, PIMAFIX is completely safe with invertebrates such as snails and shrimps. It will not harm the biological filter – the bacteria in the biological filter are quite different from those that are found on the fish. It will not harm plants.

Will PIMAFIX work in both freshwater and marine (saltwater)?
Yes, PIMAFIX will work in both freshwater and marine (saltwater). However, we recommend turning off protein skimmers and UV sterilisers when using it. If you have carbon in your filter, this should be removed before using PIMAFIX.

I saw foaming in my aquarium when using PIMAFIX. Is this normal? Is it harmful?
It is normal to see some foaming when using PIMAFIX in the aquarium. This is not harmful.

Can I use MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together?
Yes, using MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together is perfectly safe and is in fact recommended if treating stubborn infections. When using both MELAFIX and PIMAFIX together, use each at the normal recommended dose – there is no need to reduce the dose if using both of them.

Can I use PIMAFIX with any other API medications or products?
PIMAFIX can be used with all other API medications and products.