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[ISTA] CO2 Indicator
[ISTA] CO2 Indicator
[ISTA] CO2 Indicator
[ISTA] CO2 Indicator

[ISTA] CO2 Indicator

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The Simple and Safe Method of CO2 Indication.

  • Monitor CO2 level accurately in fresh water tank.
  • Transparent acrylic material of indicator allows correct color reading.
  • Special structure design allows no chance of solution spilling out from the indicator.
  • Water-proof color chart sticker is reusable.

How to Use

  • Take apart the "airspace cap"
  • Add 1cc of indicator solution to the reservoir then reattach the "airspace cap" firmly to the indicator.
  • Keep the outlet of the airspace facing down, submerse the CO2 indicator and attach to the desired location in the tank.
  • Place the color chart sticker over the suction cup position of the CO2 indicator on the outside of the tank.
  • Compare the color of solution to the color chart sticker to read the CO2 level in your tank.
  • Change solution evey 2 weeks or after every water change..